Sachtler Artemis DV-PRO avec Veste Pro ACT2

Spring Arm DV Pro MD

Our second generation spring arm of the DV Pro system is now available. Improvements for the user and functional design were uppermost in our minds when we developed the new spring arm. The new arm profiles have softer and smoother edges to make operating more comfortable. Maximum torsional strength is one of the advantages of the new profiles, and we also use an improved bearing system for even lower friction and faster movement.
Flexibility is a very important principle of our artemis philosophy, therefore, the DV Pro arm has exchangeable spring canister sets of three different weight classes. The spring canister sets cover a range from 5 kg. (11 lb.) to 13 kg. (28.7 lb.), so that you can adapt the camera load flexibly. We safeguard the future of your spring canister set by keeping in step with all developments on the camera market.

Because of some unique features, the DV Pro Arm can now support professional operating. One of these features is the vest connector or mating block according to American industrial standard that allows to use the DV Pro MD also with professional vests of other manufacturers. With this mating block, you can set any common angle to guarantee the optimum angle between you as operator and spring arm. You can use the DV Pro MD spring arm with all common hard-mount solutions. It is no problem at all to combine artemis DV Pro with a dolly or to shoot from a car, as we offer professional solutions for these combinations.

Whether high-mode or low-mode, we have always the right arm post (the little post that connects spring arm and system) for your DV Pro spring arm. After opening the clamping, you can change to the longer 10“ arm post for high-mode or to the DV Pro D-Bracket for low-mode.

• Two segments support arm
• Three different spring canister sets guarantee the flexible adaption of the camera load. 
• Scales offer a fast and repeatable spring tension adjustment.
• Improved bearing system for low friction and fast movement
• The pivoting vest-connector (mating block) offers the possibility to work on the left or right side of the body
• All adjustments of the arm are performed with a 4 mm hex key (5/32"
• American standard industrial vest connector (mating block), fits also with Non-Sachtler vests which use that connector.
• Reinforced aluminum alloy, matte black surface
• Arm is a part of the system and will be delivered with the „light“ spring canister.