Schulz - 1/4 de Brie

The SCHULZ TILTPLATE HD offers the possibility to fix and secure the tripod head of your choice in seven different positions of inclination up to a 90 degree angle. An auto-locking device provides for reliable security when transporting and handling the plate.
When folded together for transportation or storage, the measurements of the tiltplate are 150 mm x 330 mm, with a weight of only 3,5 kg.
The SCHULZ TILTPLATE HD is made of high-density anodized aluminium. All screws and axes are made of stainless steel.
Anti-slipping rubber inlays on top of the plate guarantee a firm mounting for equipment screwed on the top.
Even when the locking device is opened accidentally, a safety device ensures the plate does not fold completely, but stops automatically in the next of the seven locking positions.